Echecopar assists in Banco Falabella $22m issue

Estudio Echecopar has counselled Scotiabank Peru in connection with Banco Falabella’s public offering of certificates of deposit

 Estudio Echecopar, associated with Baker & McKenzie International, has assisted Scotiabank Perú S.A.A., in its role as structurer, in connection with the public offering by Banco Falabella Perú S.A. of negotiable certificates of deposit under the Second Issue – Series B in the framework of its Sixth Negotiable Certificates of Deposit Program for an amount of PEN 83.1 million (approximately USD 22.27 million).

Echecopar’s team was composed of partner Alonso Miranda (pictured left) and associate Adrián Tovar (pictured right).

L Giselle Estrada