Carla and Erika P&B

P&B Consulting expands its Compliance and ESG teams

The P&B Compliance consultancy begins the year with a reinforced team: Carla Locatto (pictured right), an auditor with a specialty in Digital Compliance and Labor Law, is the company’s new head of Projects; and Erika Andrade (pictured left) takes on the strategic position of head of Compliance and ESG at P&B.

Locatto, a lawyer, is an executive and certified lead auditor in Anti-Bribery and Compliance Management Systems.

“Compliance brings a number of benefits to organizations, both by enabling greater security in business relationships with various stakeholders, which consequently provides competitive advantages for those that have well-structured programs, and by enabling business continuity in a secure manner,” says the lawyer.

In recent years, Brazil has increased its Compliance maturity, making it a prerequisite for many contracts to demonstrate ISO Standard certified programs, such as 37.001 or 37.301, Anti-Bribery Management System or Compliance, for example.

“So making clients aware of the need to work preventively, adapting their organization and anticipating compliance problems is one of my missions in the position,” summarizes Locatto, who also has a specialization in Risk Assessment, Legal Affairs, Communication and ESG certification.

Erika Andrade has experience in Compliance and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) projects, as well as ANS regulations RN n°518 and n°507. She has a degree in Accounting, an MBA in Controllership and Auditing and a specialization in Digital Compliance. As well as working extensively in the areas of auditing, risk and compliance, she has certifications in Compliance and Data Protection. She is also the lead auditor for ISO 37.001 and 37.301 Anti-Bribery and Compliance Management Systems.

In charge of P&B’s Compliance and ESG actions, Erika Andrade believes that Brazil is going through a period of continuous evolution, seeking compliance maturity in organizations in order to improve their compliance processes based on international standards. “It should be noted that in addition to anti-corruption and anti-bribery practices, organizations must invest in the three pillars of ESG, as the market trend goes beyond integrity issues, involving respect in working relationships, accountability to stakeholders and improving social and environmental issues to meet the new needs of society,” she says.

Both come with market experience, having worked for consultancies such as T4 Compliance.