Pinheiro Neto and Lefosse

Pinheiro Neto and Lefosse advises on the sale of Bankly to BV

Pinheiro Neto and Lefosse advised on the sale of shares representing 100% of the capital stock of Acesso Soluções de Pagamento (Bankly) and up to 100% of the capital stock of Acessopar Investimentos e Participações held by Méliuz to Banco BV, for a total value of BRL 210 million.

Pinheiro Neto advised Acesso Soluções de Pagamento (Bankly) and Méliuz and relied on partners André Bernini, Fernando Mirandez Del Nero Gomes, Fernando dos Santos Zorzo (pictured top from left to right) and associates Max Fritz, Caio Gambini and Mateus Camarotti.

Lefosse advised MBanco Votorantim and relied on partners Carlos Mello, Marcelo Tourinho, Kenneth Ferreira and Gustavo Paes (pictured bottom from left to right); associates Arão Kang, Luisa Leite.

In-house counsel to Banco Votorantim: Marcella Rigamonti Urada Coimbri, Manuela Falcão, Rafael Norberto Fernandes and Kaike Machado.