Syllas Tozzini (Esquerda) e José Luis de Salles Freire (Direita)

TozziniFreire celebrates its 47th anniversary with new spaces

TozziniFreire Advogados celebrate its 47th anniversary this Wednesday, September 13th. Founders Syllas Tozzini (pictured left) and José Luis de Salles Freire (pictured right) met in 1963 at Colégio Santo Américo, in São Paulo, went to Law School and began their careers at different law firms before they founded TozziniFreire in 1976.

The office currently has 55 practice areas and 25 sector groups, 98 partners and over 1,200 professionals, with offices in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Campinas, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, and New York. TozziniFreire has a balance of men and women on its Executive Committee, and its legal and administrative departments are comprised by a majority of women: 63% and 67%, respectively.

To celebrate this anniversary, TozziniFreire has delivered two new spaces to its Campinas and Brasília offices, apart from promoting a series of celebratory actions to mark the 5th anniversary of its innovation program, ThinkFuture.

The law firm is also celebrating 25 years of its international relationship program, known as TF Global.